Family sessions

“Ich bin schon lange ein Fan von Sonjas besonderem Blick – ihre Bilder strahlen für mich eine unglaubliche Ruhe aus. Der Fototermin war also schon positiv belegt. Es wurde aber mehr als nur ein Fototermin: wir haben als Familie eine sehr lustige und auch intensive Zeit verbracht – und dabei die Kamera fast völlig vergessen. Diese entspannte und auch authentische Stimmung ist nun auch in den Bildern zu sehen, die uns sehr gefallen. Merci beaucoup, liebe Sonja!”
Virginie Borloz

“La sesión con Sonja fue ágil, natural, divertida, fácil, muy cálida y agradable… pero sobre todo destacaría que la propia sesión nos unió más como familia, hubo juegos que nos hicieron subir nuestra autoestima común, nuestros lazos y nuestra complicidad, y sobre todo nos hicieron sentir una familia bonita en todos los aspectos. Volver a mirar las fotos ahora es para nosotros un recordatorio de que somos esa familia bonita, aun cuando hay momentos en que no estamos tanto en esa onda… Nos han vuelto las ganas de retratar nuestros momentos juntos, mirar álbums de viajes que hicimos, e ilusionarnos por esta vida en común que, esperemos, nos depara nuevas sorpresas!”
Victoria Puyoles Bellander

About my workshop “Capture the Energy of Life”

Sonja Stich’s class ‘Capture the Energy of Life’ left me speechless! Never before have I experienced a workshop like this. It is so easy to put the weight of the worth of our photography in things that are merely tools that allows us to speak through. Sonja teaches you how to tap into something deeper; a mindfulness and openness that will allow you to be receptive to capturing time with true emotion and a deeper connection that will take your images to new heights. From there she builds on that foundations and gives you the tools to take it farther with using light, weather, composition and so much more. Truly this is the most complete workshop I have seen! Whether you are a beginner or have several years experience, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional – this one of a kind workshop is a must read!
Kelly Jacobi

Sonja’s work is so inspiring! The way she captures moments in her everyday is so beautiful and she tells her story in such a way that I feel like I know her beyond this social media community. Her workshop, Energy of Life, is a must read for anyone trying to figure out how to really look inside their own creativity to make better images. She opens us up to connect with our senses and translate what we feel into a photograph. Truly, she has included fantastic insights into her material which will inspire me for a long time
Katie Brenkert

“Drop what you’re doing and purchase this workshop, now. Sonja takes photography from looking through the viewfinder to a complete, full body experience. Never before have I encountered photography described this way or been asked to break down my world like this. Taking her suggestions, lessons, and exercises can only change my work for the better. She walks you through each step of taking a photo and looking at the world around with new eyes – taking in every single piece of the environment and how you interact with it  to help you form a complete, well composition photograph that will absolutely encapsulate the energy in that moment. Regardless of whether you shoot for your family, clients, or just yourself and the things that capture your eye daily, this workshop will enlighten you to a whole new method to break down your photos in a better way.”
Daphne Laput

“Sonja’s workshop is a soul-stirring photography education. I wish she had written this earlier, as I honestly believe that both my photography journey and changing identity as a mother would have been even more enlightened by her words and images. Sonja connects mindfulness with artistic observation to inspire us to delve into all our senses and create images that reflect our ‘why’. Each page of this workshop brings me closer to my own heart, through the variety of her beautiful images, thought-provoking quotes, and her art-educated background that shines through in her teaching. This class is not simply inspiring, it’s also incredibly informative.”
Amy Shire

“Authentic, raw, energizing. “What does it look like to feel?” An incredible journey you are about to take on. Are you always looking for something that you have never seen? Those real moments – true ones. It’s like, stealing their soul, but respecting the privacy.” Those are just couple questions Sonia poses. Swoon! I am blown away by Sonia’s workshop. You have a chance to dive in into magical journey with an incredible artist!”
Justyna E Butler