30 minutes in the life January

It’s five years that we live in Spain now, and I still feel not settled, there is still so much to explore. This

Capture the Energy of Life - Mood

Capture the Energy of Life // December // Mood

In our little group of photographers who worked with my workbook Capture the Energy of Life we decided to shoot for a

30 Minutes in the Life November

The children brought some playmobil figures to to our walk in the woods, and created airplanes from leaves and sticks

A City Walk in Barcelona – A Year of Stories Week 44

My aunt and cousin have been visiting us in Barcelona which gave me the chance to wander around my city and explore its

Skateboard fun – A Year of Stories Week 42

We have this skate board for almost two years now, but none of you were really interested in it – since a few

A Paradise in the City – A Year of Stories Week 40

We found this little paradise in the middle of Barcelona, a beautiful park with a little creek. *This post is part of a

Fire – A Year of Stories Week 38

We adults often have an utilitarian way of thinking, like, fire is for heating or cooking. But no, here is the proof,

30 Minutes in the Life September

After three months of holidays, they were happy to return to this place and get to meet their friends again. Sam, the

Last days of Summer Vacation – A year of Stories Week 36

We spent the last week of vacation in Cadaqués, a beautiful village in the North of Spain. It´s where Salvador Dalí

At the movies – A Year of Stories Week 34

Yesterday we did something extraordinary for our family: we went to the movies. Usually we avoid shopping malls like

30 Minutes in the Life August

I tried some creative techniques last week using a prism and a plastic bag. My son was playing on this boat, jumping

Light – A year of Stories Week 32

We stayed in the village all week enjoying summer holidays. We went to the beach every day, planted flowers and herbs,

Nomads – A Year of Stories Week 30

We spent the last five days at this little paradise, sleeping in a yurt, brushing our teeth under the starry sky,

30 Minutes in the Life – July

This week it´s “fiesta mayor” in our village with music, farmer´s market, children´s spectacles and much